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My Experiences in Columbia University Medical School with Infertility Patients


Many women in America are faced with the problem of infertility, one of the basic life functions. However, it can be helped with TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and acupuncture. Infertility problems arise because of reproductive imbalance, psychological issues, or “technical” difficulties.

In my home country China, having children is one of the most important goals in life, if not the most important. Back in ancient China, TCM doctors found a way to help patients with infertility problems. The system they created uses Chinese herbal formulas and acupuncture to promote the reproductive system. Even when taken like people take vitamins and supplements in modern culture, they regulate the body’s functions in every way. The specific ones for infertility issues are good for the ovaries, uterus, etc. Overall, the idea is to promote ovulation and normalize the period (along with cervical mucus, sex drive, and etc. changes).

One thing I’ve noticed is that people do not pay enough attention to infertility issues, including medical professionals. However, I did change their minds in my early years in the US as a medical professional. In 1993, I worked in ColumbiaUniversityMedicalSchool, and I had two colleagues who were both physicians. Each colleague was married for 2 or 3 years, both of them trying to have a baby since marriage and so far, have had no luck. Suddenly, one of them asked me for help and told me his situation. I said of course, knowing my method can work. I asked him to take some Chinese herbal tea and meanwhile I told the wife to check temperature, pay attention to her cervical mucus, and libido. After 3 months with my method, the wife got pregnant. When the other colleague heard about it, he came to me for help too. He and his wife consulted with me, but I realized they didn’t actually have any biological problems – they had “technical” difficulties. I told them what to do and if after three months they have no results, then I’ll treat them with acupuncture and herbs. Two months later, he was happy to tell me that his wife was pregnant. He was amazed how it happened like this with just my method, no acupuncture or herbs needed. They both ended up with healthy babies.

These are the typical patients I have seen and treated with TCM and acupuncture. The procedure is basically a focus on regular herb intake, regular acupuncture treatment, balancing the diet (have a variety of foods), relaxing (don’t obsess over trying to get pregnant purposely as though it’s a job), and that timing is key when it comes to trying to get pregnant in a certain span of days of the menstrual cycle.

Why I stress the importance of timing is because the lifespan of a sperm cell after ejaculation in the vagina is around 3 to 5 days, and the span of time in which the egg is ready is similar. If they don’t meet in the same span of time, then the woman won’t get pregnant. I also stress the importance of diet because it greatly influences the quality and quantity of the sperm as well.