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Before you submit the contact form, please read the following carefully:

For General Patients: It would be best to tell us what your problem(s) is/are to see if we can help you.

Our fee is $220 for the first visit, which includes consultation and acupuncture treatment; the session will last about 80 minutes. Herbal pills, if needed, will be charged separately, about $30 per week. For any follow up visits, the cost is $110 and lasts about 45 minutes each session. Credit cards are accepted with a 5% surcharge.
For Infertility Patients: In the same way, we need to know what kind of situation you are in, such as your age, how long you have been trying, IVF/IUI, discharge/cervical mucus, sex drive changes, and any other diseases involved, etc. as well as the situation of the husband (sperm test, or any other diseases involved).

The first visit requires both you and your spouse to show up together. The fee is $260, which includes consultation and one acupuncture treatment; the session will last about 90 minutes. Herbal pills, if needed, will be charged separately, about $30 per week per person. The follow up visit is $130 and will last about 45 minutes. Credit cards are accepted with a 5% surcharge.

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New York Acupuncture & Chinese Herbs
159 W 53rd St Suite 21B
New York, NY 10019

Tel: +1 212.262.9898

The Manhattan office is located in midtown west in a modern high-rise building on the NE corner of 7th Ave and 53rd Street. You can get there with the B/D/E trains at 7th Avenue (7th Ave NE exit is in front of the building), the N/R/Q/W at 57th Street, OR the 1 at 50th Street. You can also take the F to 57th Street or the M to 5th Avenue. Other options include the 59th Columbus Circle as well as 47-50th Rockefeller Center.

Hours: Tuesday and Thursday from 1-8pm, Saturday from 9am-2pm

The Entrance of our Manhattan Office Building

New York Acupuncture & Chinese Herbs
175 Jericho Turnpike Suite 208
Syosset, New York 11791

Tel: +1 516.313.6223

The Long Island office is located in a nice medical building with over 100 different doctors, between Syosset Hospital and Home Depot, offJericho Turnpike. To reach the clinic via car, use our Google Maps page forup-to-date directions.

Hours: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 10am-12pmand 4-6pm


Insurance Information

We ONLY take BlueCross BlueShield, if your policy covers Licensed Acupuncturist service. If it does, we will need your:

1) full name, 2) BC BS ID number, 3) date of birth, 4) the phone number for providers on the back of your ID card, 5) your phone number, and 6) if you are not the Primary cardholder on the policy, we will need the Primary's full name and date of birth as well. We will call BCBS to confirm your coverage and then let you know the details.

For all other insurance policies, you will need to check with your insurance company if they accept out-of-network acupuncture. We can give you a claim form for you to send to your insurance company for reimbursement. About 60-80% of our patients get their money back though some only get partial reimbursement.