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Herpes Treatment

Herpes is one of the most common problems in the world. In the United States, about 68% of people have infections of herpes virus. For some other countries, it could be as high as 90%. However, not everybody who has it shows sores and blisters. This means that even if we have a virus inside our body, some people’s immunal function is strong enough to control the virus. Some others’ immune systems do not. This is because our immunal function varies and depends on our body’s situation such as stress, physical fatigue, etc. Everyone knows that we have no methods to kill this virus so far. But we found a good way to use Chinese herbs, acupuncture, and diet changes to alter the enviroment of the human body and make the immue system stronger. Then the virus can be controlled or the virus will have a difficult time in the body and thus will not attack easily. Our patients enjoy a high success rate. For the last 60 years, tremendous scientific research has been done in China. They found that the virus is weakened by many Chinese herbs and acupuncture can definitely make our bodies stronger.

In our office, we have helped many, many patients with this problem. They are very satisfied with the results.