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IVF & IUI Therapy

Read Donnaís story and her successful combination of IVF and TCM

We have found that many of our patients have tried either IVF or IUI many times without any success — some have even been through 4 or 5 IVF’s and several IUI’s!

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), these procedures often fail because the patient’s body is not in a properly balanced state. The patients were so eager that they simply went ahead with these procedures without first preparing their body.

In our clinic, Dr. Wang first checks what is going on with the your body and then provides suggestions about diet, lifestyle, etc. We even need to tell you how to watch your body carefully and what you need to do besides acupuncture and Chinese herbal treatment to support your IVF and IUI therapies. The results are fantastic, with patients having a high success rate with their fertility treatments after properly balancing their bodies with traditional Chinese medicine. Please read the testimonials of our patients or read Dr. Wang’s detailed overview of fertility treatments and TCM theory on fertility issues.

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