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Headaches & Migraines

There is a common saying in the medical field in China: A patient seeking help from a doctor for a headache will give the doctor a headache. This means that headaches or migraines are one of the common yet difficult problems for doctors to treat. There are many reasons for their cause, like nerve problems, circulation problems, mental problems, brain disease, blood pressure problems, ear, eye, etc. problems. To figure out what the cause of the headache is difficult sometimes. We have many patients with migraines coming from different professionals’ offices, even acupuncturists’ offices, for help. With our unique treatment methods, their headache and migraines eventually disappeared or became much less intense and less frequent. For some, they were cured completely.

We found that many migraine patients are actually due to stress or neck/vertebrae syndrome regardless of other causes. About 90% of our patients get good results.