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Dr. Shaobai Wang is one of the first Acupuncturists to treat infertility with acupuncture and Chinese Herbal medicine.  Dr. Wang has found a better, natural treatment for infertility for even those with high levels of FSH and low AMH support.  Some patients from 40 to 45 years old became pregnant with Dr. Wang’s acupuncture treatment and with no additional intervention.  Dr. Wang also has a unique acupuncture treatment for miscarriage issues.  Many patients who have had three miscarriages have gone on to have healthy babies through Dr. Wang’s safe and non-invasive procedures.

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“I am 32 years old. I had been trying to get pregnant for about a year before I started fertility treatments. I had 4 unsuccessful rounds of Clomid in conjunction with IUI. Instead of moving to our next option, in vitro, I looked into other alternatives. This is when I found Dr. Wang. I received acupuncture and was prescribed Chinese Herbs and an easy to follow diet. Three months later, I am now pregnant. Thanks!”

Kethleen W.

“We had undergone multiple unsuccessful IVF cycles to get pregnant. We finally met Dr. Wang, whose treatments helped me relax. His dietary recommendations worked in conjunction with my IVF treatment — and it worked. I gave birth to a baby daughter. Thank you, Dr. Wang!”

Angela Ski, MD

“I have been a patient of Dr. Wang for some time now. He is a genuinely caring person, which can be rare to find in the healthcare sector! I started to see Dr. Wang for infertility issues to boost my fertility treatments, and to get me through the stress of this whole process. He has been a miracle worker for my stress levels and I usually end up in a deep sleep during the sessions. He actually cares and if he sees that I need extra time, which I usually do, he gives it to me! In my eyes, he is a miracle worker! I would, and do, recommend him to anyone and everyone.”

Mridu S.

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