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I suffered from depression for six and half years until I was referred to Dr. Wang by a friend. I went to see him and asked for his opinion. He checked me and told me he could help me, but it would take more time than the others. I appreciated his honesty and started acupuncture. After ten treatments, I started to feel the difference. After twenty sessions, I felt eighty percent better.


Dr. Wang, I have to say at first 6 years ago I really didn’t believe in Acupuncture when the doctor told me to try it. I strongly believe in it now. You helped me with infertility, and now I have a son. You’re also helping me now for my second child. A GREAT THANK YOU. I DO BELIEVE.

Carpal Tunnel

I went to Dr. Wang five times for CTS. I have no problem with my wrist now.

Bell’s Palsy

My two year long facial paralysis is gone! Thank you Dr. Wang.

Bell’s Palsy

Thirteen years ago, I suffered from Bell’s palsy, and my physician asked me to wait and let it recover by itself. After one year, the palsy was still there. From then on, I saw several specialists and all of them eventually gave up on me. I moved to New York City in 1997, and people around me spoke a lot about acupuncture. They encouraged me to try Dr. Wang. After about a year of Dr. Wang’s acupuncture treatment, my thirteen year long Bell’s palsy was gone! My family was very happy especially my mom. Of course, I feel great now. Dr. Wang, you are the man! Thank you!

Bell’s Palsy

Dr. Wang is amazing!!! I had Bell’s Palsy for over 12 years when I first saw him. I’d seen a number of neurologists, and none of them had been able to help me. Half my face was paralyzed. Dr. Wang has been able to get my face back to normal. It took years because I’d had Bell’s Palsy for so long. I travelled from Westchester County to see him because he’s the only person I’ve found who has really been able to help me.

Bell’s Palsy

Dr. Wang is the BEST and as far as I’m concerned there is no one better! I had Bell’s Palsy, felt terrible and looked a lot worse. After much research I decided to get treatment from Dr. Wang. From my first visit Dr. Wang told me I would be OK after a period of time, and sure enough that’s exactly how it turned out. Now I feel good and look even better. So thanks Dr. Wang for your expertise with acupuncture, it certainly worked for me. If you ever have a Bell’s Palsy patient that wants to speak with me, feel free to give my cell it would be my pleasure to discuss my experience in detail with them.


Our son’s autistic situation is much better now. He can talk with more meaning, behave better, and sleep better. We could not believe acupuncture could even help with autism!

Asperger’s Syndrome

My son’s teacher and his classmates’ parents asked us how come he changed so dramatically. We are so happy Dr. Wang’s acupuncture helped his Asperger’s syndrome.

Asperger’s Syndrome

My son (David), 17 years old, who has Asperger’s Syndrome, a disorder on the autism spectrum, has been seeing Dr. Shaobai Wang for six years. Dr. Wang has been treating him for anxiety, focus and attention deficits. (David) enjoys coming to Doctor Wang’s office, is most fond of Dr. Wang personally, and the two have a great, friendly rapport. My son does not find the treatments uncomfortable, and immediately following treatments, (David) feels upbeat and revitalized. I (an educator with 15 years of classroom experience) believe that acupuncture has improved our son’s mood, focus, performance in all academic areas. Dr. Wang has improved David’s ability in areas of reasoning, and that the reduction of anxiety has made it easier for him to approach academic tasks in a more systematic and clear-headed way. David had many developmental delays but is now preparing for his SATs and beginning to look at colleges.