Stress, Fatigue & Bulimia Nervosa

Complex Cases & Difficult Problems Solved

In his general practice, Dr. Wang helped many people with so-called “untreatable” diseases and conditions according to other medical specialists. For this reason, many patients have said that Dr. Wang has “magic hands”. The following are examples of these types of cases. Please choose the category to the left-hand side to view case details.

Jennifer D.

Entry Date: January 11, 2000

Patient’s Name: Jennifer D.

Sex: Female

Date of Birth: Jan. 15, 1948

Age: 52

Occupation: Lab Chief

Marital Status: Married

Number of Children: 2

Main Complaint: Irritated very easily for two and half years.

The patient’s general situation: prefers a chilly and cold environment, loses temper easily, very irritated, sweats easily, has nightmares, Tongue is red with thick yellow coating, and the pulse is wiry and strong.

Modern Medical Diagnosis: Stress

The Specialist’s Suggestion: nothing wrong

TCM/Acupuncture/Pattern Diagnosis: Excess liver yang.

Treatment and Results: acupuncture 5 times in Jan. 2000, 6 times in Feb. 2000. 8 times in March 2000 , 4 times in April 2000. She felt that everything was fine*

*She said that her staff owes me a lot, because she is not yelling at them any more.

Laurie B.

Entry Date: July 20, 2002

Patient’s Name: Laurie B.

Sex: Female

Date of Birth: August. 11, 1974

Age: 28

Occupation: Bag Designer

Marital Status: Married

Number of Children: 0

Main Complaint: uncontrollable eating

The patient’s general situation: very stressful

Modern Medical Diagnosis: Bulimia

The Specialist’s Suggestion: N/A

TCM/Acupuncture/Pattern Diagnosis: unbalanced relationship between liver and spleen and stomach with liver stagnation.

Treatment and Results: acupuncture 3 times in July. 2002, 8 times in August 2002. 8 times in Sept. 2002, 3 times in Oct. 2002. She felt fine after Oct 2002. After a 3 year follow up, she was not bulimic.