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I wrote a review for a neurologist who comes across as nice but lied to me. Just because someone is nice doesn’t mean you should still question their motives. Please question and to the truth when it comes to your health and healing the right way. Some drs may have good intentions yet still be tempted to see what they can get away with when they have an agenda and use their power to achieve their agenda. That was my experience throughout my journey to heal until I found dr shaobai Wang . With dr Wang I started healing. And this what I wrote about the unscrupulous neurologist, urging patients to go see Dr. Shaobai Wang who REALLY KNOWS WHAT HES DOING:

Dr Larissa Lempert is a nice person, but used her niceness to lure me into spending out of pocket money for cupping. It is illegal for her to practice acupuncturist techniques without a license. Should something go wrong, she can lose her practice. She knows my situation.  I spent the money out of desperation to heal my pain, but to no avail. She gages your pocket and tries to convince you to spend money on her program because she needs to generate income to heal her children. She also uses psychology to get in your head. She knew I wanted to have children and made me believe at first that the infrared lamp was to treat the mitochondria for fertility. Every acupuncturist has an infrared lamp. She is not a fertility expert and cannot help anyone with fertility. She’s a liar. She doesn’t have anything she’s promoting in her brochures.  I had migraines and after seeing Dr. Shaobai Wang (who treats just about anything – migraines and fertility), I was feeling good after just 1 session and didn’t spend what I wasted on dr lempert. I urge people to see Dr. Shaobai Wang. He’s a master in acupuncture and KNOWS what he’s doing and has morals values and ethics to not rip off people out their pain. After 5 sessions with dr Wang , I was feeling happy and healthy again. I asked her to refund me the $3,200 so I can apply it to my holistic healing and refused. She knows I’m about natural healing and she’s pretending to know how to use energy to heal. Don’t spend on dime out of pocket. She has no integrity and is probably using her kindness to build back up her reviews. She’s not truly honest. She assumes and uses psychology. She has anxiety, and I recognized it because I was suffering from anxiety and migraines. She’s really desperate to heal her kids but she’s not doing it the right way by ripping peoples pocket and lying. The only way she can heal her kids is through natural remedies and that cost a lot of money in America. Hence, the program she talks about. Don’t do it! She doesn’t know what she’s doing when it comes to natural healing.  She shouldn’t lie to her patients just because and use her power just because she knows the right way and the expense to heal someone naturally. She knows who she can lure and who she cannot. After seeing Dr. Shaobai Wang, my headaches and anxiety were gone.


With acupuncture and Chinese herbs, Dr. Wang has improved my digestive issues over 6 sessions while also improving my overall mental health. The acupuncture feels unlike any other acupuncture I’ve had before and I walk out of every appointment feeling noticeably calmer, relaxed and energized.  His rates are affordable and I will continue seeing Dr. Wang consistently to improve my health in other ways as well. Great bedside manner. Clean, quiet office in a central Manhattan location.  HIGHLY recommended!

Trigger Finger

My doctor suggested I go through an operation for my trigger finger. I got scared. I tried acupuncture with Dr. Wang. It worked! Dr. Wang saved me from an operation. Thank you so much Dr. Wang!


I had only three sessions with Dr. Wang, and my TMJ is now gone.


My thyroid problem is now under control with Dr. Wang’s acupuncture care.


My thyroid is now under control. Thank you Dr. Wang!


I have suffered from depression, stress, and anxiety for over three years. With medicine and psychiatrist, so far, only Dr. Wang has been able to help me. I recommended him to all of my friends, who are also happy with him.


Dear Dr. Wang, Thank you for your help. Your wonderful sense of humor also has a healing effect!


Dear Dr. Wang, Thank you so much for helping my daughter. Your help was crucial and major to her well-being. I thank you from the bottom of my heart… Lot’s of loving energy sent to you!


I stopped smoking after three sessions with Dr. Wang. It is amazing!

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