Pain Relief

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Dr. Wang really impressed us.
Pain Relief

Nearly a decade ago my wife (who was young, in great shape, etc.) suffered some horrible pain in her legs and could barely walk - her legs were cramped as hard as a rock and she needed assistance just to get down a short flight of stairs! We found a doctor that gave her strong muscle relaxers, but they did little beyond make her drool! I figured, as she was native Chinese, that she would have used alternative therapies such as acupuncture in the past, but she had never done so, even throughout her 20 years living in Beijing. So, on a whim, I searched google and called the first acupuncturist that came up for "New York Acupuncture" and suggested she try him. That was the first time we met Dr. Wang. Dr. Wang spent nearly an hour with my wife asking her about her pain, seemingly random questions about her activities or habits and evaluating her. He concluded that the leg spasms were a symptom of an underlying lower back issue and a curved spine. He treated her at the source (the lower back) instead of focusing on her legs (the symptom), and within 2 treatments she was back to the gym. It really made me appreciate Dr. Wang's approach to finding the root cause of symptoms and taking the time to understand a patients' issues before beginning treatment. So much of the outcome on a good treatment seems to be simply with the Doctor actually understanding your problem and, for that, Dr. Wang really impressed us. Over the years, we have visited Dr. Wang's clinic numerous times and referred friends for pain, sleep issues, smoking addiction and infertility. All have been very pleased and received great care and results from Dr. Wang's non-invasive acupuncture and herb treatment methods.

After 8 sessions 1.5 years ago, I have been symptom free.
Pain Relief

My family and I have been seeing Dr. Wang for over 10 years now for a variety of issues. He is basically our Doctor. We have all had excellent results with him and have recommended him to friends, who have also been helped greatly. Here is one of the many issues he helped me with: I have two herniated discs in my neck and was experiencing numb arms, daily intense headaches and neck pain. After 8 sessions 1.5 years ago, I have been symptom free.

I highly recommend Dr. Wang for chronic issues.
Pain Relief

I was referred to Dr. Wang via a physician at one of the prominent NYC hospitals who attended medical school with Dr. Wang. I have seen Dr. Wang for relief of a number of different issues when others - both in acupuncture and in Western medicine - were more limited in their solutions. I highly recommend Dr. Wang for chronic issues. Including a persistent ankle sprain that I have struggled to heal. He will honestly tell you if he thinks he can help.

I recommend this office.
Pain Relief

I started seeing Dr. Wang a few months ago when my acupuncturist moved and I am really pleased. He talks a lot of care an attention to his clients. They are very good about scheduling appts and flexible with times. I started seeing him mostly for foot and back pain as well as sleep issues as well as excess hunger. The treatments and the herbs he prescribed seem to be making a huge difference and I notice a distinct difference. I recommend this office.

Besides his honesty, he is a very kind professional.
Pain Relief

For nearly ten years, Dr. Wang has treated me for back and neck pain, sciatica, and other pain due to accidents, as well as stress and rashes due to allergies, etc. I first found Dr. Wang late on a Saturday evening when I was in such terrible pain that I could barely walk. I had been examined and treated by neurologists, an osteopath, physical therapists, several chiropractors and several Chinese acupuncturists as well - for severe neck pain. Since finding Dr. Wang that lucky evening, I have been relatively free from pain for long periods of time. The first treatment was the longest, because I had been subjected to so many contradictory treatments that the original spasms had worsened. Most of the problems I have are the result of a spinal fracture due to an accident. I, as a pedestrian ,was hit in the back by a car. This fracture never properly healed. Two very excellent neurologists once told me that I can never jump, lift or stretch. Although I cannot do any of these to excess, my treatments with Dr. Wang have allowed me a very normal life without pain . In addition to acupuncture and herbal remedies, his advice is practical, given with common sense. Once a colleague of Dr. Wang , who treated me in his absence, said: "Dr. Wang has magic hands". He is an expert in his profession. I trust Dr. Wang implicitly. He is most honest in letting me know what he is able to treat and what is beyond treatment. Besides his honesty, he is a very kind professional.

My whole family absolutely trusts and respects him greatly.
Pain Relief

I first visited Dr. Wang with my mother-in-law, Rita who has lived on Long Island and suffered from severe back pain. She was then taking all kinds of pain-killer medications (prescribed by her doctor and purchased over the counter). She could hardly walk and slowly moved her legs with the help of a walker. What worried me the most was when I noticed the color of her face has turned yellowish. I was afraid that her liver may have been damaged. I lived in Manhattan and started searching online for an acupuncturist on the island. Rita was willing to give it a try. So I travelled to Long Island to take her to see Dr. Wang. All I remember is that Rita was a totally different person (she told everyone that she has left her pains in Dr. Wang's office) that evening! She has become a fan of Dr. Wang ever since (she is now 88 years old and still talks about Dr. Wang with great passion). I also become Dr. Wang's patient myself. He has treated my hypertension, my back pain (also my husband's). I moved to Central Oregon 4 years ago but still come to see Dr. Wang whenever I am in NY. Dr. Wang is a very caring and honest doctor. If he thinks the needles won't help you with your problem. He will tell you the truth. He is very knowledgeable with herbs. My whole family absolutely trusts and respects him greatly.

I believe he can cure anything.
Pain Relief

Dr. Wang is an incredible doctor, and I can't recommend him enough. I did my research, and am a very discerning person and I am extremely impressed by him and thrilled with my results. I have seen him four times now and have about five more sessions to go, but he has helped my back and neck problems tremendously. He is very knowledgeable and nice. He always accommodates his patients and I would say he is best in his field. Stop looking else where and go to him. I believe he can cure anything.

Each time I go back, it only gets better.
Pain Relief

I have never been big on acupuncture. I had a lower back pain, went to 2 doctors and physical therapy for multiple weeks. The therapist couldn't help at all and sent me back to the doctor who didn't know what to do. I was recommend to Dr. Wang from a friend in LA and decided to give it a try. After the first time there was a noticeable difference in my back pain. Each time I go back, it only gets better.

Thank you Dr. Wang for helping me and being patient with me.
Pain Relief

I wanted to find a natural way to deal with my many ailments and wanted to get off the pharmaceutical drugs and go the natural route. While researching alternative options I stumbled on reviews for Dr. Wang, and the reviews are one point! He is the BEST Acupuncturist period. He is very polite, patient and extremely knowledgeable!. He takes his time with each consultation and answers all your questions. Most importantly, the treatment works!!! If you see Dr. Wang you will not be disappointed. I will continue to see him until he stops practicing. Yes... he is that great! 🙂 Thank you Dr. Wang for helping me and being patient with me.

Go and see Dr. Wang!!
Pain Relief

I woke up last Friday with crazy pain in my left shoulder and couldn't even lift my arm. Was supposed to run a half marathon on Sunday so needed to do something quickly. Called Dr. Wang on Saturday morning and they fit me in immediately. His office was fantastic and he has great bedside manner. I was slightly nervous given that it was my first time doing acupuncture but he made me feel totally at ease and comfortable - even cracked some jokes! Best news of all - no more pain. He fixed me!!! Will definitely go back to see him soon and would recommend him to any friends looking to try acupuncture. And again, his office was so helpful with insurance info etc. Go and see Dr. Wang!!

I am now walking, and enjoying life.

I have known Dr. Wang for approximately 15 years. When I was diagnosed with ALS, and then Myopathy neuropathy, he took me as a patient . We worked together for a few years . I originally could not walk without supporting my legs. I am now walking, and enjoying life. Thanks Dr. Wang!

I feel totally healed!

Over the past decades, I have used acupuncture for a number of issues, ranging from Meniere's symptoms to colds, sinus, back pain etc. My TCM doctor returned to Taiwan two years ago, and I've been on a quest to find a replacement. Very happy that I've found Dr. Wang! I'd taken a bad fall four weeks previously and had been suffering from recurring headaches, shoulder and ankle pain and severe loss of energy. After my first treatment with Dr. Wang, the headaches ceased and I began to feel some energy. After the second treatment (3 days ago) I feel totally healed! My energy has returned and I'm back to my regular exercise schedule. Very grateful that I found Dr. Wang. I plan to continue treatments on a regular basis.

He definitely knows what he does, and really cares about you getting better.

Dr. Wang is very kind. I've been there several time for my mom's thyroid and back problems.. The thyroid was fixed in one or two session max. The back problem was a more important subject, as she had an herniated disc. So she got surgery. All went well. But sciatic is killing her. She is now seeing now for pain relief, and it looks like it works. He definitely knows what he does, and really cares about you getting better. His prices are good and office always clean, never really waited for a session. I recommended everyone to Dr. Wang. Review are true. And hopefully he can help a lot of other people... Thank you!