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Very happy mother!

I take my 4 year old son to Dr. Wang because I read that acupuncture can help treat cerebral palsy. I am so amazed by the results! I can see a change in my son's gait and his movements are much more fluid. I am so happy that Dr. Wang treats my child. He is very kind, patient and answers all of my questions. The office is amazing! It is very neat, quiet, clean and provides personal space for each client. I even love the doormen in this building. I would recommend any parent who has a child diagnosed with cerebral palsy to go see Dr. Wang. The best part is that he accepts my insurance! Very happy mother!

His herbs really work!

I chose Dr. Wang specifically b/c of his background of studying in China and being an actual doctor of Chinese Medicine. Plus he had a lot of Western credentials (teaching at Columbia U etc.). I have a lot of weird random internal problems that are kind of complicated, so I wanted to make sure I got somebody who knew A LOT. Since none of my problems are remotely life threatening, this means that when I approach western MDs for help they look at me with a blank stare like "a) I know nothing about helping you with that" and b)you're not gonna die so why do you even want to be treated for that?" Well I want to be treated for all these things because they make for a (much) less than ideal lifestyle. I know a decent amount about the theory of acupuncture and have always seen it as the answer to those non-life-threatening problems. Acupuncturists actually know how to balance those out of whack internal systems IMO (while western doctors don't.) So anyway, I've been seeing Dr. Wang for a few months and he's helped me A LOT. Some things you notice happening right while you're lying on the table, other things have improved more gradually. He's extremely effective but he doesn't use a ton of needles - he says that real acupuncture is not a lot of needles everywhere but as few needles as possible. My friend who is going to acupuncture school told me that the sign of a true master is how few needles he uses - so I guess that's a good sign that Dr. Wang is a true master. He gave me herbs as well a couple of times in the beginning, at extremely reasonable rates (his office rates are very reasonable as well, esp. for a NYC acupuncturist at his level) And occasionally if I'm complaining about something going on with me that day, he'll recommend I take a few of something I have in my cabinet from before, or maybe occasionally give me something new. But he by no means is an "herb pusher" trying to sell lots of herbs to rake in more $, which I'm always wary of. And his herbs really work! I mean, their effects are practically instantaneous. Also, the building and office are beautiful and very clean.

Go and see Dr. Wang!!
Pain Relief

I woke up last Friday with crazy pain in my left shoulder and couldn't even lift my arm. Was supposed to run a half marathon on Sunday so needed to do something quickly. Called Dr. Wang on Saturday morning and they fit me in immediately. His office was fantastic and he has great bedside manner. I was slightly nervous given that it was my first time doing acupuncture but he made me feel totally at ease and comfortable - even cracked some jokes! Best news of all - no more pain. He fixed me!!! Will definitely go back to see him soon and would recommend him to any friends looking to try acupuncture. And again, his office was so helpful with insurance info etc. Go and see Dr. Wang!!

I was able to breath a lot better.

I've had nasal polyps all my life. I had surgery as a teenager but they came back years later. I kept sneezing, I could barely breath out of my nose and I even lost my sense of smell. The ENT doctor would just prescribe me antibiotics, which puts a huge toll on my body. I felt like I needed to go a more natural route. After, I started getting treated by Dr. Wang, some sessions later I was able to breath a lot better. I wasn't sneezing all the time and my sense of smell slowly started to coming back. I have a severe case, so I think its going to take a lot more treatments, but its nice to actually smell my coffee brewing in the morning.

I am now walking, and enjoying life.

I have known Dr. Wang for approximately 15 years. When I was diagnosed with ALS, and then Myopathy neuropathy, he took me as a patient . We worked together for a few years . I originally could not walk without supporting my legs. I am now walking, and enjoying life. Thanks Dr. Wang!

I would highly recommend Dr. Wang to anyone looking for a knowledgeable and competent acupuncturist in the New York area.

I have been seeing Dr. Wang on and off for almost two years. I was having issues with my gallbladder. I was told I wasn't necessarily a candidate for surgery but it was heading in that direction. I wanted to review alternative methods and ways of treating this issue and that's how I discovered Dr. Wang. I have seen other acupuncturists before, but Dr. Wang's knowledge and skills are vastly superior. I like the fact that he's also an MD as opposed to just being a licensed acupuncturist. Needless to say, I have been extremely lucky in terms of being able to work with Dr. Wang. I've had such a tremendous improvement over the last year with respect to my medical issue. I'm no longer thinking of surgery and having to remove my gallbladder. I would highly recommend Dr. Wang to anyone looking for a knowledgeable and competent acupuncturist in the New York area.

He is a true professional, and a miracle worker!

I do not usually write reviews, but this time I feel like I must. Dr. Wang is caring and compassionate. He puts all of the patients he treats at ease, may they be young, old, children. He treats people of all ages and cultures, and everyone is greeted with a smile!. I have been a patient of Dr. Wang for some time. I started seeing him for ovarian cysts and fibroids. My Gyn wanted to perform a hysterectomy. I wanted to try and see if alternative medicine would help and it did. I had a 9 cm ovarian cyst, and it disappeared, my fibroids, my Gyn said he can no longer feel. Dr. Wang, used acupuncture, herbal medication an cupping. I am now pain free, and no surgery. Dr. Wang always asks if there is anything else that he can help me with. I was recently diagnosed with MS and he has helped me feel so much better. If he can help you, he tells you he can, if he cant, he honestly tells you he can not. Many people are afraid of acupuncture and needles, but Dr. Wang talks to you through out the process and relieves your anxiety. His fee is comparable and worth every penny. His new acupuncture center is clean and immaculate and very organized I talk about him all the time and recommend him highly to everyone. He is a true professional, and a miracle worker!

I would wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Wang to anyone and everyone

Eight months before our meeting, I fainted on the street while on the way to work. Two hospitals, multiple doctors (from neurologists to psychiatrists and everyone in between), and countless "normal" test results later left me without an official diagnosis as well as unable to stand or walk unassisted, having no sensation in my legs from the knees down, unable to see anything while standing, and feeling extremely dizzy and tired all the time. While at yet another appointment seeing my primary doctor, he suggested to search online for a "real Chinese acupuncturist who studied in China, had at least 15-20 years of working experience in China, and practiced here, in the U.S., as well" (as my primary doctor put it). As soon as I got home from the doctor, having absolutely nothing to lose (except my strange, unexplained symptoms) I began my search. Dr. Wang was the first acupuncturist I found who met all the criteria that my primary doctor told me to look for. When I called, I was surprised that the doctor answered the phone himself and spent time on the phone with me (that's even before scheduling the very first appointment!) asking questions about my condition in order to determine whether he would be able to help me. I would be forever grateful to Dr. Wang for taking me, with my uncertain condition and no official diagnosis, on as a patient. Since I started seeing Dr. Wang, I've been feeling progressively better and better. I can honestly say that he is the ONLY doctor who actually made a difference and helped me. In my family he is known as a miracle worker and I would wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Wang to anyone and everyone who is looking for an alternative medicine doctor for any reason.

I went to him for my Spinal Stenosis, and he did wonders.

I have been treated by Dr. Wang, and he is great if you have any type of issues or just some questions that you want to ask a professional. I recommend before getting surgery to ask Dr. Wang. He is amazing with his skills. I went to him for my Spinal Stenosis, and he did wonders. Whatever the issue you think you might have or feel he has great knowledge of what he does and or can do, just try him and if you're reading this, come back and comment on what your experience was and how it has helped you with. Remember me as ANT, and say hey I called and was highly recommended by that guy ANT. Trust me you won't regret it.

Thank you, Dr. Wang!

I met Dr. Wang in 2008 following a friend's recommendation. I was in the worst shape of my life. I was diagnosed with depression by a top psychiatrist, Dr. Adler, who prescribed medication (banned a few years later) for six months. I was also suffering unbearable menstrual pain which knocked me down for several days every month. Several gynecologists suggested to remove my uterus as the only solution. None of these doctors considered my body as a unit. After some research, I talked with Dr. Wang who confirmed that an acupuncture protocol would help my symptoms. So I committed and in a few months, my period and menstrual pain got better, I started sleeping again (another major issue at the time) and for the so called depression, got better. Dr. Wang revealed to me, when I felt better, I was never depressed but anxious. Knowing the difference between anxiety and depression made me able to make the changes needed in my life. Dr. Wang is very gentle but very witty. He doesn't use many words which is great when you're not feeling good. He always knows how to make you smile. I felt like I was re-wired. And I still have my uterus. Thank you, Dr. Wang!