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Dr. Shaobai Wang developed the Tangzhen technique, a style focused on comfortable treatment and good results.

Dr. Wang hails from a family of expert Chinese doctors and acupuncturists -- there are seven doctors in his immediate family that practice medicine throughout the world.

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Dr. Wang has helped problems such as myasthenia gravis, Guillian-Barre syndrome, herpes, stress, pain, skin conditions, digestive issues, and WHO and NIH-suggested acupuncture indications. Please see the full list.

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Infertility & IVF

With 30+ years experience, Dr. Wang developed a unique way of acupuncture and Chinese herbs to treat infertility and support IVF therapy. He helped many skeptical patients get pregnant naturally, and even one patient at age 49.

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Complex Cases

In general practice, Dr. Wang helped many so-called "untreatable" diseases and conditions according to other medical specialists. That's why many patients said that Dr. Wang has magic hands. The following are the examples of this type.

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