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Three months later, I am now pregnant.

I am 32 years old. I had been trying to get pregnant for about a year before I started fertility treatments. I had 4 unsuccessful rounds of Clomid in conjunction with IUI. Instead of moving to our next option, in vitro, I looked into other alternatives. This is when I found Dr. Wang. I received acupuncture and was prescribed Chinese Herbs and an easy to follow diet. Three months later, I am now pregnant. Thanks!

In addition to being effective, he is very nice and easy to talk to.

I got pregnant after two months of being treated by Dr. Wang. Before I started acupuncture, my cycles were long - 35-38 days. When I first met with Dr. Wang, he said that was too long. And I thought to myself, how can I change that? Well, he did. After the first month, my period came after 32 days. The following month I was pregnant. I had been trying to conceive for four months before going to Dr. Wang. In addition to being effective, he is very nice and easy to talk to. Once I got pregnant he recommended that I continue with acupuncture throughout my first trimester, which I did. Sometimes I would go at lunch time, which was amazing - because I really needed the nap. Dr. Wang extended the session so I could sleep longer. Also, I've had a really easy pregnancy so far (I'm 18 weeks now). I've been more nauseous in the second trimester (since I've stopped going for acupuncture) than I was in the first, although I don't know whether it's due to discontinuing acupuncture or not.

I wanted to thank you for helping us create our family.

I wanted to thank you for helping us create our family. After trying to conceive for over a year, I found you and after just four treatments, I was pregnant. We are now expecting our first son. I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to read my body and listen to what the internal problems were. I plan to see you immediately once we start trying for our second. Should you ever need any references, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Once the first visit was established, the rest was history…

After many failed attempts of IVF procedures by going to local doctors & clinic that specialized in such domain within the tri-state area & Buffalo, we became very desperate and to the point of almost giving up at some point & to start looking into adopting as an alternative. It became a quite painful experience & sad at the same time for me to witness the physical & emotional stress along with the sacrifice that my wife had to endure in order to achieve what we both have always wanted from the moment we got married. After we had made the decision to adopt my wife on her own accidently came across an article about Dr. Shaobai Wang's along with some written reviews from former patients of his while browsing on the internet as a last attempt of desperation or otherwise can be viewed as fate as well one might wonders. Without any delays, she quickly called his office & an appointment was arranged for my wife to quickly meet with him in order to sit down one on one with us & discuss her case of confronting so much difficulties trying to conceive in the past. Once the first visit was established, the rest was history... By having (2) office locations located in Manhattan & Syosset that made it much easier for us to meet with him regularly since we live in Long Island & my wife works in Brooklyn. I myself was suffering from spinal & neck injuries which he wanted to treat me for them along with what was needed in order to achieve our main goal for coming to see him in the first place. After discussing our daily routine of activities & diet with him, he immediately put us on a different set of diet by recommending some ancient Chinese herbal remedies along with a varieties of acupuncture treatments for a about a period 6-7 months or so then all of our dreams were realized by the grace of God & Dr. Wang.

Thanks to Dr. Wang, I am about to deliver in a few months.

I came to Dr. Wang to help with infertility. I had done IUI and IVF with no luck. From the beginning, you could tell Dr. Wang has been doing this for a long time and knows what he's talking about. I felt comfortable allowing him to do what he thought was best and take the pills he provided. After 3 months of doing acupuncture (going once a week), it was a miracle that I got pregnant! Of course he wasn't surprised at all because he's done this many time before, but it blew me away (and also blew away my very bad infertility doctor who was weary about me doing acupuncture). Thanks to Dr. Wang, I am about to deliver in a few months. This Chinese medicine has been proven for centuries upon centuries and regardless of what the "New" doctors say, I can say first hand it was proven again with me. Thanks again!!

I was his fourth patient that month to report being pregnant.

I was experiencing secondary infertility. I tried seeing a fertility doctor but the particular facility I first tried was a factory - I hated the entire experience - it was stressful and disheartening. A friend in Florida had also had a similar experience, her fertility specialist actually told her she probably couldn't get pregnant. A friend told her to try and find a Chinese Acupuncturist, but not a western one, one from China. Within months she was pregnant. Not willing to try another fertility doctor just yet - I researched online and found Dr. Wang. I felt comfortable with him the first time I met him. He said in China they tell couples that ideally it can take a year to get pregnant following directions for diet and Chinese medicine - but in the US we're all in a rush so we want to see results faster. He said ideally it could take 3-6 months. I'd turned 40 and I knew the clock was ticking, but I was willing to take a chance and go with Dr. Wang. I'd still rather get pregnant naturally then filling my body with toxins & hormones through IVF. (however if YOU are doing IVF, Dr. Wang will do acupuncture that works to help IVF.) Although my cycle was always regular - I noticed the "quality" of my period improved after the first month. My cycle lasted a day or so longer and the blood was a richer, brighter red. I honestly don't know if that matters but it was pretty drastic change to what I had experienced before and I knew whatever he was doing was the reason behind it. Whenever I had questions, he was happy to talk me through what he is doing and why and answer any other questions I had. He's from China though so sometimes it's hard to understand him - but you just tell him that and he's happy to figure out a way to explain it until you do. He really is a very nice man. This month I'm happy to report I'm pregnant. Four months in to treatment. I was seeing him twice a week so he knew I was waiting for my period to come or not on Tues...when I walked in his office on Friday I told him. He honestly seemed as happy as I was to hear the news. I was his fourth patient that month to report being pregnant.

I give him my highest recommendation!

Dr. Wang comes from a family of doctors, is highly educated, and a research scientist and teacher who has been affiliated with the top medical institutions in the world. Not only that, but he's a genuinely humble and nice guy who often answers his own phone. I have Dr. Wang to thank for my three beautiful children. I've sent many friends to him over the years, and every one has been impressed with him. He will tell you up front if he can help or not, and he is truly an amazing doctor who can help when others cannot. I give him my highest recommendation!

You won’t be disappointed.

I began visiting Dr. Wang in August 2014 after doing research for several months for the best treatment options for infertility, naturally preferably was what I had in mind. After 3 months of acupuncture followed by cupping and alongside herbal medicine and a slight modification in our diet, I became pregnant. I have continued to visit Dr. Wang for another 3 months. I highly recommend anybody suffering infertility to visit Dr. Wang. You won't be disappointed.

I gave birth to a baby daughter.

We had undergone multiple unsuccessful IVF cycles to get pregnant. We finally met Dr. Wang, whose treatments helped me relax. His dietary recommendations worked in conjunction with my IVF treatment — and it worked. I gave birth to a baby daughter. Thank you, Dr. Wang!

Highly highly highly recommended!

Highly highly highly recommended! Dr. Wang is amazing!!! We have tried for a baby for three years. After starting acupuncture with Dr. Wang I got pregnant in two weeks! I have no doubt in my mind that he made it happen. Money well spent! He is very professional, very knowledgeable and takes his job very seriously. I have never waited more than 10 minutes and I never felt like he was trying to rush the appointment. I would not hesitate to go to him again and I just might in the future.

After two years, I finally have some hope again with Dr. Wang.

After struggling through 2 years of infertility and having all western doctors say there is NOTHING wrong with me or my husband and after seeing 4 different acupuncturists in NYC within the past year, I finally met one who found an issue. Dr. Wang told me my cycles were not ideal (too short) and that my signs weren’t in line with ovulation. He gave me 3 bottles of tea pills which I take 12 of them twice a day and already within 2 weeks I have seen a huge improvement in my body and my cycle. He also treated my husband for his first time and my husband fell asleep while having needles in him. He said he didn’t feel any of the needles and just felt relaxed. I also did cupping for the first time which I completely felt helping my body circulate the blood to that region. Without any doubt I can tell you that from all 4 of the acupuncturists I have seen, Dr. Wang’s needles are the ones that I actually feel doing something. I don’t feel the needles at all but I do feel blood rushing to those areas. Dr. Wang is also very compassionate and didn’t treat me like just another patient. He went out of his way to call me to ask how I was and he even went out of his way to see me in his long island office at 6 PM on a Saturday when he was done working in his NY office just because it was during ovulation and he wanted to give me the best results. He was cheery and positive the whole time. Another thing I really appreciate is that all the other places I have been to make me wait for so long and I get so anxious and stressed that it defeats the purpose of acupuncture but with Dr. Wang, he sees you right away and gets the job done. I loved his tables too and I don’t know why someone said it was dirty below. After two years, I finally have some hope again with Dr. Wang.

I would, and do, recommend him to anyone and everyone.

I have been a patient of Dr. Wang for some time now. He is a genuinely caring person, which can be rare to find in the healthcare sector! I started to see Dr. Wang for infertility issues to booster my fertility treatments and to get me through the stress of this whole process. He has been a miracle worker for my stress levels and I usually end up in a deep sleep during the sessions. As with IVF, and any other fertility treatment, it takes different protocols. Dr. Wang changes up his protocols too and tries new things in order to get good results. It has worked for me! He actually cares and if he sees that I need extra time, which I usually do, he gives it to me! If I have insomnia or a headache or something else going on, he will also treat me for this simultaneously. I had the flu for 3 weeks. I finally went to see him and the next day, I was already doing much better. In my eyes, he is a miracle worker! I sent a friend to him when he had been suffering from severe back ache. Finally after steroid injections and being on morphine, he felt much better after a few sessions with Dr. Wang. I would, and do, recommend him to anyone and everyone. I have seen small children going in for a session! I don't normally write reviews but he is truly truly wonderful. BTW I also tried Yinova for the infertility but it felt very cold in comparison. For those scared of needles and unsure to try acupuncture - don't be! I am terrified of needles and injections. With ivf, my husband has to give me them and I am always anxious. Acupuncture is nothing like this and Dr. Wang will put you at ease.


Dr. Wang, I have to say at first 6 years ago I really didn’t believe in Acupuncture when the doctor told me to try it. I strongly believe in it now. You helped me with infertility, and now I have a son. You’re also helping me now for my second child. A GREAT THANK YOU. I DO BELIEVE.

Dr. Wang is an honest, highly skilled and patient doctor.

I've been seeing Dr. Wang for over a year now. I originally went to him for hormonal cystic acne. Over time, I also consulted him for fertility issues and other ailments, such as my chronic neck and shoulder pain. Dr. Wang is an honest, highly skilled and patient doctor. His rates are very reasonable for NYC. If he prescribes Chinese medications, he even tells me to buy them online to save money. I pay out of pocket for treatments with my health savings account and it is worth every penny.