Trigger Finger

Complex Cases & Difficult Problems Solved

In his general practice, Dr. Wang helped many people with so-called “untreatable” diseases and conditions according to other medical specialists. For this reason, many patients have said that Dr. Wang has “magic hands”. The following are examples of these types of cases. Please choose the category to the left-hand side to view case details.


Trigger Finger

On July 29, 2014, we had a 35 year old female patient, who uses a walker to walk and has had frequent fainting for 9 months.

By the age of 17 and 20, the patient had two children. After the deliveries, the patient’s health slowly deteriorated, fainting occasionally. The patient reported having muscle weakness, migraine headaches, dizziness, feeling extremely cold at all times, numbness, clogged throat feeling with nausea and lower back pain.  The situation began getting worse during the last 9 months and left her handicapped for 7 months causing her to become reliant on a walker to walk.

So far she had been to her family’s physician, ENT doctor, ophthalmologist, and three neurologists including a renowned doctor from a well known hospital. She was also given various tests and all of the lab results were normal according to the numerous specialists. She was also prescribed various medications without any positive results but only worsening the condition. Her psychologist cleared her of any mental conditions. Her mother and grandmother both have had similar conditions, however, these occurred at around their age of 50.  In our clinic on July 29th of 2014, based off all her complaints, pulse, and tongue appearance, our diagnosis and pattern differentiation according to TCM and acupuncture theory were: 1) yang deficiency 2) blood stasis

After 35 acupuncture treatment sessions, three times a week, with Chinese herbal medicine and a suggested diet change, the patient was able to walk by herself again.