Delayed Period

Complex Cases & Difficult Problems Solved

In his general practice, Dr. Wang helped many people with so-called “untreatable” diseases and conditions according to other medical specialists. For this reason, many patients have said that Dr. Wang has “magic hands”. The following are examples of these types of cases. Please choose the category to the left-hand side to view case details.

Maria Z.

Entry Date: May 15, 2003

Patient’s Name: Maria Z.

Sex: Female

Date of Birth: Sept. 27, 1976

Age: 27

Occupation: Student

Marital Status: Single

Number of Children: 0

Main Complaint: Period is always delayed with cramps, tiredness and distracted easily for 5 years.

The patient’s general situation: cold hands and feet, tired, does not want to talk to people, irritated easily, sweats easily, likes to sigh and feels better after sighing, Tongue is pale with thin white coating, and the pulse is slow, weak and deep.

Modern Medical Diagnosis: Delayed period

The Specialist’s Suggestion: use hormones

TCM/Acupuncture/Pattern Diagnosis: yang deficiency.

Treatment and Results: suggested diet and life style change along with acupuncture twice a month. After three months, the period was back to normal.