Acupuncture for Allergies

Allergies nowadays are a very prevalent problem in the United States. Many scientific papers have indicated that Chinese medicine and acupuncture is a very effective treatment for allergies. In TCM, differentiation is the most important.

Also, we have some specific points which are good for allergies. There are many formulas such as Pollen Pills for example that are good for seasonal allergies. In the same way, many acupuncture points can deal with allergies well such as Yintong, Yingxiang, Hegu, and etc. Those are just simple examples of how herbs and acupuncture can deal with allergies. Patients also need to make some diet changes. In TCM, there are some herbs that are taken in our diet normally that can be good for treating allergies. They include fresh ginger root(not dried ginger, nor ginger tea). If you are allergic to seafood, or any other animal products, fresh ginger root is one of the best choices to ward off an occurring reaction or to prevent one from this allergy.

Allergy Prevention Methods

We also have many methods to prevent allergies. One of the most useful and practical methods is to treat three to five acupuncture points such as Fengmen, Feishu, Geshu, Pishu, and etc. during the hottest times of the year to prevent next year’s allergy. This method is also good for many other chronic diseases, but the acupuncture points may be different.

Of course, if you have much more serious allergies, then you need to contact an acupuncture office or an allergy clinic for more help.