New Mothers

Maternity Acupuncture NYC

Traditionally in Chinese culture and Chinese medicine, the first month after delivering the baby is very important. The new mother needs to know how to take care of herself. The following points are what she needs to be concerned about:

  • Don’t take anything cold, temperature-wise. Anything you have must be warmer than room temperature.
  • Don’t take any cold-natured food, such as tofu, bananas, green teas, etc.
  • Stay warm enough. Don’t expose yourself to cold or windy environments. When taking a bath, use warm or hot water, definitely no cold water.
  • Try to get enough sleep and don’t make yourself too tired.

Even if we take care of ourselves well, we may still have problems like stomachaches, less or lack of milk lost the sense of taste or smell, bad taste in the mouth, hair loss, etc. All of these problems are either because of heredity or from hormone and neurotransmitter imbalance during pregnancy and delivery time, regardless of the energy put in for delivery. The good news for these problems is that ancient Chinese doctors developed a good system to help this either by acupuncture or Chinese herbs or even simply by diet changes.

We cured quite a few mothers who lost the sense of smell after delivery for 3 months. Some only need 1 session with only 2 needles, and some need 2. The most number of sessions, in that case, is 3 sessions. These women were told by their doctor that the sense of smell would come back in 1-4 weeks but it didn’t, so they sought out acupuncture for help. 

We also helped with 100% success by combining acupuncture and diet changes for other patients who suffered from lack of milk (or less of it). If you suffer from depression, stress, anxiety,  etc. after delivery, acupuncture and Chinese medicine is definitely the first choice. So far, we have helped many patients with this problem even including doctors, and nurses.