Stress, Anxiety & Depressed Moods

TCM and acupuncture believe that mental activity is not only associated closely with the brain but also with our internal organs: dwelling on bad experiences can hurt the function of the spleen, worrying too much can hurt the lungs’ functions, fear will hurt the function of the kidney, overexcitement can hurt the functions of the heart, and etc. In TCM, the organ’s meaning is conceptual rather than the solid organ itself. For example, in TCM, the heart has functions past just pumping the blood. It also controls mental well-being, some mental activities, etc. For stress, anxiety, and depressed moods, the target organs are the liver, spleen, partially heart, partially lungs, and partially kidneys. To deal with these problems, we need to simply regulate the above-mentioned organs’ functions and the patient will feel fine eventually. The length of this process depends on each individual. For some, it could be weeks, and for some, it could be months.

Maintaining the well-being of internal organs is a good idea. Not only because it is good for the whole body’s well-being, but it is also good for mental health. This is specifically important for some people who are easily stressed, depressed moods, and anxious, regardless of if they are eating a suitable diet according to the individual situation.

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