General Balancing

Balance Your Body with Acupuncture

Have you ever had days or even months in which you do not feel right and your general balancing feels out of sync? You went to doctors and went through all the necessary medical tests, and then doctors told you that you are fine, but you, yourself do not feel fine at all? You probably have subclinical issues. You need to “tune-up”/balance your body with acupuncture. After one or two sessions, you will feel normal again. The following explains why TCM and acupuncture will work for this situation:

In the first classic book of Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture, written about 2,500 years ago, disease prevention was stressed. If we translate the idea into English, it goes like the following: the best doctors don’t treat diseases but treat the lack of disease. To treat disease is just like you start to dig a well when you feel thirsty or like if you try to make a weapon when enemies already invaded your country. It means that you’ll be too late to prevent a negative situation. The key point here is that to keep people in good health and a well-balanced body rather than to wait and let the diseases develop and then treat them at the last minute, which can turn into complex problems.

General Balancing & Traditional Chinese Medicine

That means the ancient Chinese doctors were more concerned about educating people to maintain well being instead of treating disease only when it finally hits. In modern society, it is forgotten and people have different problems than back then, but it must be emphasized again. It will improve the functions of the body so that if any pathogen is encountered or anything otherwise bad happens, the body will be strong enough to fight against it.

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